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Traditional Spanish Dehesa Landscape

My coupled human-natural systems research in Spain is oriented around the interaction between land use/cover change and wildfire. This research has concentrated on a 800 km2 study area in the Autonomous Community of Madrid, to the west of the city of Madrid.

With colleagues I have examined statistical methods to investigate human impacts on both land use/cover change (Millington et al. 2007) and wildfire risk (Romero-Calcerrada et al. 2008 and 2010).

My PhD research resulted in the construction of a spatially-explicit simulation model that combined agent-based (see Millington et al. 2008), vegetation state-and-transition and cellular automata approaches (see Millington et al. 2009). This model allows us to simulate the interaction between human activity, vegetation dynamics and wildfire (see Wainwright and Millington 2010). We used a participatory approach to evaluate the model which led to some broader discussion about the such approaches for agent-based land use models more generally (Millington et al. 2011).

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